Alumnivereniging AVCCC

vrijdag 10-jul-2020 ―  Reflection on the corona-impact, with Susan Long - for members, 9 - 10.30 AM

A zoom workshop with Susan Long, for members

The impact of corona on our lives has many sides. Susan Long wrote several blogs about it, one of which we have shared with you via the website of AVCCC and which is also published on Susan’s LinkedIn page and on, the website of the National Institute of Organisation Dynamics in Australia

In this workshop of 1,5 hours, we'd like to explore the impact of the disease on people in organisations through socioanalytic lenses, more specifically with the concepts of BA me-ness and BA one-ness. 
Which examples of these basic assumptions do we see in groups or organisations we participate in? How do we deal with them or how would we like to deal with them?

After an introduction to the theme and the sharing of theoretical background by Susan Long, participants are welcome to bring in their own experiences relevant to the subject of the workshop and the questions above. Susan as well as the other participants reflect on these thoughts. 

Since time is limited, the number of participants is max 12. Even then, only a part of the people can share their experiences. But the insights of the sharing of others will surely lead to precious awareness and new knowledge. 

When more people are interested in the workshop, we can organise the same type of workshop a second time. As soon as we have an idea of the number of people who like to take part in the workshop, we can plan a second version.

For this activity the price will be 25 euro. 
When you would like to attend the workshop, please send a mail to and pay 25 euro to NL48 RABO 0303 2718 79 t.n.v. Alumnivereniging AVCCC. The order of receiving the payment determines the order of participation. When the workshop is full, we reverse the payment as soon as possible. 
Please sign up the latest on Monday July 6th.